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Criminal Defense

How Your Criminal History Could Affect Your Current Case

A criminal history has numerous collateral consequences beyond the criminal penalties you receive for a criminal conviction. Your criminal record can impact your career, family court cases, educational loans, housing situation, and other aspects of your life. Your criminal history could also affect current and future criminal cases.  Examples of the impact your criminal...

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What Happens if You Get an Out of State Warrant for Your Arrest?

Many people may not realize that the “long arm” of the law stretches across state borders. You could be arrested for an out-of-state warrant even though you moved to California.  If you skipped out on your court date in another state or committed a crime and fled, California law enforcement officers can arrest you...

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What Are the Safest and Most Dangerous Areas in Northern California?

Northern California, with its majestic mountains, rich valleys, and miles of beaches and coastline, has much to offer tourists and California residents alike. Unfortunately, the area also boasts cities and neighborhoods that are among the most dangerous — in the state and the nation. If you plan to visit Northern California for business or...

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