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How Much Time Am I Looking At for a Domestic Violence Charge Under PC 273.5?

Facing a domestic violence charge can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Understanding your charges and the legal consequences associated with them is essential when dealing with this difficult situation.  Under California Penal Code §273.5, it is unlawful to cause injury to a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, dating partner, or co-parent of one's child...

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What Constitutes Domestic Violence in California?

In California, domestic violence is considered a criminal act involving harm or threats of harm against a protected person. A “protected person” is most often a spouse, cohabitant, the other parent of your child, or someone you are or were dating. In some cases, it can also include a child or relative.  Common Domestic...

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False Domestic Violence Allegations: How You Can Avoid Wrongful Allegations in California

Over 20 million Americans report being falsely accused of domestic violence and other forms of abuse. False domestic violence allegations can be devastating. As a result of a fake allegation, you may be arrested, forced to hire a lawyer to defend you, and potentially convicted and sentenced to jail time.  By understanding the law,...

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Prosecution Tactics in Domestic Violence Cases in San Jose, CA

Being charged with domestic violence is incredibly serious and requires a knowledgeable San Jose domestic violence lawyer who understands the prosecution tactics used in these cases. It is important to know what is considered domestic violence in California and be aware of potential prosecution tactics to best defend yourself against these charges. What Is...

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What Happens When a Domestic Violence Victim Doesn’t Want To Press Charges?

You've been arrested and charged with domestic violence. However, the victim doesn't want to press charges. Many people believe that domestic violence cases are automatically dismissed in this circumstance, but that’s not always the case. In some instances, the state may choose to pursue charges even if the victim is unwilling to participate in...

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Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in CA

If you’re facing criminal charges, understanding the outcomes of a conviction can help you determine the appropriate course of action in your case. For domestic violence charges, the consequences of a conviction vary greatly depending on the unique nature of the case, your criminal history, and other factors.  Domestic violence is a serious offense...

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