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False Imprisonment – Sexual Battery – Indecent Exposure – DISMISSAL

My client was accused of exposing his penis to his neighbor and then grabbing her buttocks. It was further alleged that he grabbed a hold of her and then prevented her from going back into her apartment while he was making sexual advances to her. My client denied that he did any such thing. We got an investigator in this case, investigated the complainant’s background and set this case for trial. Day of trial dismissal by the prosecution.

DUI Alcohol & Drugs – DISMISSAL

My client was accused of driving with a .13/.14 blood alcohol concentration. Additionally, it was alleged that he was driving under the influence of prescription medication. My client denied having consumed any amount of alcohol. Furthermore, he asserted that he suffered from vertigo and that he explained his poor performance on the field sobriety tests. We set his case for trial. Day of trial dismissal.

Solicitation Of Prostitution – Hung Jury + DISMISSAL

My client was accused of arranging a sexual escapade with an undercover police officer. The call with the officer was recorded. The interaction with the officer at the hotel room was recorded. My client gave the officer money. Incriminating evidence was found on his person. So, we set his case for trial. The jury didn’t see the case the same way that the prosecution did. Hung jury. The District Attorney then dismissed the case.


My client was accused of driving with a .14 blood alcohol concentration. The officer said that my client failed all of the field sobriety tests. A roadside breath test revealed that my client blew a .16/.15. My client admitted to drinking Smirnoff vodka. However, we thought that the officer stopped my client unlawfully. So, we set his case for a motion to suppress evidence in the criminal court. Before the hearing, the District Attorney dismissed the case against my client.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order – DISMISSAL

My client was alleged to have visited the home of his ex-wife and harassed and threatened her and her new boyfriend. My client said that his ex-wife’s new boyfriend threatened and harassed him when he got there. At the hearing in court, my client’s ex-wife asked the judge to drop her petition. No restraining order was issued against my client.

Elder Abuse Restraining Order – DISMISSAL

My client was accused of physical abuse and harassment against her elderly neighbor. A settlement was reached outside of court and the petitioner requested in court that her petition for a restraining order be dropped against my client.

DUI Restitution – VICTORY

My client was convicted of a DUI involving an accident. The victims of the DUI asked the court to award them approximately $13,000 in restitution. Although we didn’t dispute that the victims deserved compensation for their damages, we believed that they submitting false evidence to the court concerning their damages. So, we set the case for a hearing. After many appearances and an eventual hearing, the judge agreed that he doubted the credibility of the victims. Accordingly, they were awarded none of the restitution that they requested.

DUI – Failure To Serve Jail Time – Probation Violation – DISMISSAL

Ever wanted to get sentenced on a DUI, fail to do your jail time and then get away with it when the court learns that you didn’t do it? Well, one lucky gentleman got just that. But, it wasn’t easy, and it involved a speedy trial motion. His probation violation was dismissed. This means that he didn’t have to do his jail or suffer any penalties!

Resisting Arrest & Petty Theft – DISMISSAL

My client was accused of committing theft and then running away from the police officer. We were able to enter into a civil compromise with the alleged victim. Then, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the resisting arrest charge. After my client successfully completing Diversion on the petty theft charge his case was dismissed. My client suffered no criminal convictions from this case.

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