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Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney if I’m Innocent?

If you’re facing criminal charges for a crime you didn’t commit, you might think you don’t have anything to worry about. That’s a big mistake. If you’re innocent, you need a criminal defense attorney as much as ever — and failing to hire one can leave you convicted of a crime you are innocent of.

Most criminal defense lawyers offer free consultations. Even if you think that paying for a lawyer is unnecessary in your situation, you should always take advantage of a free case review to learn about the penalties you face and the likelihood of a conviction. 

You Can Be Convicted of Crimes You Didn’t Commit

The U.S. criminal justice system is designed on the premise of “innocent until proven guilty.” Unfortunately, that justice system often fails those whose rights it is responsible for upholding. 

Proof of guilt in a criminal case depends solely on evidence and how it’s interpreted in court. It’s common for guilty parties to have their charges dropped due to a lack of evidence. 

The reverse is also true — it’s a tragic reality that many incarcerated individuals are doing time for a crime they didn’t commit simply because the evidence against them was damning enough to earn a court conviction. 

You need to understand how serious your position is. Facing criminal charges can leave you with a lengthy prison sentence, significant legal debt, and lasting charges on record, whether you’re innocent or not. 

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Help

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your case will turn out alright because you’re innocent. You should immediately consult with a criminal defense lawyer to hear what they have to say about your likely outcome. 

Tips for protecting yourself after being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit include: 

  • Don’t speak to the police
  • Don’t try to explain the situation
  • Don’t answer questions about the incident
  • Demand a lawyer
  • Follow your lawyer’s advice on what to say

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows what type of evidence can lead to a conviction and what is more likely to have your case thrown out on insufficient grounds. A lawyer will review your case, advise you on what will likely happen, and explain what steps you should take. 

If a lawyer tells you that you need a criminal defense attorney, you should listen. Failing to do so can leave you facing life-altering consequences. 

Preparing a Criminal Defense

Once you begin working with a criminal defense attorney, they’ll walk you through what you can expect from the court proceedings. They’ll explain the purpose of upcoming hearings. A lawyer will also help you understand the charges you’re facing as well as the sentencing time and financial penalties that could accompany a conviction. 

What a lawyer will do to help you depends on the specifics of your case. 

In some situations, it might be a simple process for a criminal defense attorney to argue that there’s insufficient evidence and get your charges dropped in the earlier stages of your case. In other situations, it might take significant work to build a criminal defense strong enough to see the charges overturned.

Don’t Wait to Defend Yourself 

Even misdemeanor charges can bring significant fines and up to a year of jail time. Furthermore, being found guilty of a misdemeanor remains on your record and can impact future employment opportunities as well as the outcome of future criminal cases. When you’re facing felony charges, sentencing could put you behind bars for decades.

You should always contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately when you’ve been charged with a crime. When you didn’t even commit that crime, it’s especially important to defend yourself and your future.

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